I recon y'all want to know "WHO'S BETTER THAN BUSH"?

Created: Wednesday, 11 April 2007 Written by Ricky Ricardovitz
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There is a man, a myth, an legend soon to be who is taking the Republican Party like a stormtrooper! No, it's not Fred Flinstone, it's FRED THOMPSON...
______________________________________________________________________ Fred Thompson is by far the most popular potential presidential candidate among Southern Republican voters, with 65 percent of those surveyed making him their top choice, according to a poll released Monday.

That the former GOP senator would get top billing in his this region is not a surprise.

What’s surprising is his lead over possible opponents and the magnitude of support for a man who has only hinted at a run. "If an election was held today between the two candidates from Tennessee - Fred Thompson on the Right, and Al Gore on the Left; Tennessee citzens would by far choose Fred Thompson" says Ricky Ricardovitz acclaimed, prize-winning correspondent.

In a poll the group conducted for the Washington-based Southern Political Report newsletter, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the front-runner nationally among Republicans seeking the presidency next year, was listed by only 1 percent as their top choice. "NO ONE WANTS A WAP FROM JEWYORK", shouted one of those polled in Tennessee. Although, most agreed that a liberal WOP would be better suited to lead American than Shrillery Clinton, Ulsama Obama, or Al "Fats" Gore.

Next was former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at 55 percent and then Arizona Sen. John McCain at 10 percent.

“Fred Thompson is performing well in every poll in the sense he is unannounced,” Towery said.

New York Sen. Shrillery Clinton was the top choice for Tennessee Lemmicrats.

She was favored by 5 percent of those polled, followed by Ulsama Obama and former vice presidential candidate John "Homosexual" Edwards, each at 2 percent.

When former vice president and Tennessean Al "Fats" Gore is added to the list of declared and potential candidates, Clinton’s lead slipped to .28 percent to Gore’s 2.5 percent.

The telephone surveys of 600 Southern Lemmicrats and 600 Republicans were conducted March 31-April 1, and each poll has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

A new AP poll will soon show whether Mr. Ricardovitz is making progress in gaining the bid for nomination of the Constitutional Party.