Thanking Saint Kevin Sixty-Seven

Friday, 26 June 2009 By Chato
Collect your pensions up in Heaven.

If Aussies feel terrible cravings to fund another
67 years of mass immigration and to keep 67,000
parasite multiculturalists cosy in their
featherbedded jobs, they will have to phase out
all welfare and pensions, increase the working
week to at least 67 hours, close down all public
amenities and public hospitals, increase the GST
to 67%, draft all teenagers into military national
service from their 15th birthdays for 67 months to
fight mysterious overseas wars for globalist
interests until every army in 67 countries is
defeated, keep 67,000 women pregnant to send
infants at 67 months of age into the global slave
trade to amuse 67 rich old globalists, reanimate
Aussies who died before their 67th year for at
least 67 more months of cheap labour, and sell 67
major assets that are not bolted down.

That is just for starters, and Aussies should aim
to obliterate Australia by the year 2067.

Of course, Saint Kev can only perform 67 miracles
because of all the "reforms" and debts that the
Howard/Costello crime duo already imposed on
Aussies in a globalist softening-up exercise.

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