Created: Monday, 17 April 2006 Written by Stiffed Reporter
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It’s noise pollution. It’s a fucking ripoff. It's the Ipod.

Here’s our top 10 on the XenoxNews Ipod:
#1 “Battery out. Again."  by Apple.
#2 “Turn that shit off."  by Going Deaf in Public.
#3 “Silence."  by Don’t Wanna Hear It.
#4 “Switch that fucking thing off."  by Shut Up.
#5 “I Just Stopped The Fucking Music."  by The Village Executioner.
#6 “Headphone Line Snipped."  by Your ex-Girlfriend.
#7 “3 minutes 12 seconds."  by John Cage.
#8 “Thrown Threw the Fucken Window."  by Guy Sitting Next You.
#9 “Battery Failure."  by Steve Jobs.
#10 “Hit With A Hammer."  by Me.