Once we take the final steps...

Created: Sunday, 31 August 2003 Written by Frank Blues
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First we need to decide what we are fighting for. I'd suggest freedom and economic independence.
Then let’s describe the situation. Forcefully if needs be.
They are rich, we are poor. And most likely gay as well...
Grab your gun; freedom's son. Climb out of their well; their hole. They are digging the ditch and throwing dirt o­n you.
"I don't want your ways; even if I don't have o­ne of mine."

First steps have been taken. So far successful. Next o­nes will be:
1. Targeted acts of force to send them of our scent; like a Tomcat with our legs in the air and squirting all over them.
2. Don't forget to remind them what we are fighting for.
3. All I ask for is the right.

The men who own our cities o­nly know o­ne answer. And they and their minions repeat it endlessly every day:
"They hate us...They hate us...They hate our security..."

Yes you are right I hate YOU. And our security, our way of life, I sure as fucken hell don’t want that!

Once we join the dots your armageddeon is coming sure as shit thru a goose.

Oh ‘News readers be strong in the coming days. By our will; your WILL we will prevail!

When he came back from the front he said: "At least I fought. At least I fought for what I was fighting for!" Exactly. Fighting for nothing at all. What are they fighting for? Fucking noone knows! Has there ever been a more insane war? What should have been a police action is now...well just take a look.

Not that I'm complaining. In fact it's all we could want. So obvious this gunna spiral out of control. Can o­nly hope.

There a people out there pulling the levers; poking the curtains; making the plans.

They will get what they want.