Happy Yom Ha-Atzmaut 2009!

Sunday, 03 May 2009 By Max Gross
Raving reporter Max Gross joins Jews all over the goyim celebrating Al Nakba.Yom Ha'atzma'ut is an annual celebration of the May 14 1948 declaration of the state of Israel by David Ben-Gurion, who o­nce remarked, “We must expel Arabs and take their places”.
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Known as the "Father of the Nation", Polish emigre David Green (Gruen) – his real name - was elected prime minister in 1949.

He is also known as a terrorist (For example, a simple Google search raises 229,000 hits for “David Ben-Gurion terrorist”).

It was in 1949 that my wide brown homeland Australia established diplomatic ties with Israel and virtually from the outset, local politicians – Federal and State – joined the precious zionist choir.

And they have all dutifully ignored Israel's history of slaughtering Palestinians, its siege of Gaza and its colonization of the West Bank.
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Although Palestinians in Gaza’s overcrowded ghettos and the West Bank - including east Jerusalem - have lived under Israeli occupation since 1967, the current Israeli and Egyptian siege of Gaza began in earnest in January 2006, when Hamas unexpectedly won 74 of the 132 seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council in democratic elections that both Israel and its abettor the U.S.A. had insisted upon.

They liked the democratic process just fine, they just didn’t like the democratic result!

So they shunned Hamas, blockaded Gaza and, having all but destroyed the local economy and infrastructure, unleashed o­ne the most excessive barrages of Israeli violence against Palestinians in history.

Quite naturally, an Israeli army investigation later found that no Palestinian civilians were “harmed intentionally” during its most recent assault o­n Gaza, although it killed more than 1300 Palestinians and wounded more than 4000, using indiscriminate munitions, including shells packed with white phosphorus fired into densely populated areas and drones that killed at least 48 civilians, while precision missiles and tanks shells were fired into civilian homes.
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Here was an army "not afraid to investigate itself and, in that, prove that its operations are ethical," according to Israeli “Defence” Minister Ehud Barak.

An army, in the words of Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy, “whose armoured corps has yet to encounter an enemy tank and whose pilots have yet to face an enemy combat jet in 36 years has been trained to think that the o­nly function of a tank is to crush civilian cars and that a pilot's job is to bomb residential neighborhoods.”

An army that uses Palestinian children as human shields and targets medics and hospitals.

An army that, in its January o­nslaught, killed 16 Palestinian medical personnel and wounded 25 others, while eight hospitals and 26 primary care clinics were attacked, according to figures from the United Nations and the PHR (Physicians for Human Rights).

According to the World Health Organisation, more than half Gaza's 27 hospitals and 44 clinics were damaged by Israeli bombs.

An army blessed by wacko Orthodox Rabbis who urged soldiers to reclaim what they said was God-given land and to "get rid of the gentiles", effectively making the wholesale 22-day Israeli o­nslaught both a war crime and a religious war.

The United Nations special rapporteur o­n human rights in the Palestinian territories called Israel's military offensive in Gaza "a war crime of the greatest magnitude under international law".

Surely sealing the border during its invasion, as Israel did, denying people the right to flee the war zone as refugees, is also a crime against humanity, a "crime against peace", a principle established at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals?
Mass Psychosis
Here’s a thought for any reasonable mensch:

Are Jews in Israel replaying Hitler’s atrocities like perpetrators of domestic violence and child abuse who themselves were assaulted and abused?

Blinkered right-wing apologists in the Israel lobby propagate the lie that the attack o­n Gaza was provoked when Hamas broke ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that had been in effect since 19 July 2008.

The ceasefire was not broken because of Hamas rocket fire but because of an Israeli air raid o­n that killed six members of Hamas in Gaza.

In fact, the ceasefire had succeeded in reducing cross-border violence to virtually zero and Hamas consistently offered to extend the ceasefire, even to a longer period of ten years.

So please, goyim and boyim, don’t dredge up the usual Israeli furphy of provocative Palestinian “rocket attacks”.

Any attempt to paint the two sides as "equally responsible" for the bloodshed is a sick joke: o­ne is a lightly-armed militia, effectively operating underground in occupied territory - the other the most powerful army in the region, able to pinpoint and pulverise targets with some of the most sophisticated weaponry in the world.
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And Israel has no qualms about abducting and imprisoning Palestinians, including Palestinian MPs (There are about 11,000 Palestinians languishing in Israeli jails).

But when Hamas or Hezbollah nab an Israeli soldier or two, Israel is outraged at the injustice and a there erupts a bogus global chorus conducted by Zionist zealots and Chassidic fanatics in Israel and the USA (Try saying that six times really fast!).

As for economic, social and health conditions, Israel and Gaza are galaxies apart.

In the West Bank and Gaza, natural, clean water is a rarity and many Palestinians survive o­n less than 50 litres of water a day.

How come, drought-affected Victorians o­n water restrictions might ask?

Not o­nly does Israel control the supply and distribution of water and the permit system for digging new wells, it also consumes more than its share of the resource from the Jordan River, a mountain aquifer and ground wells in the West Bank.

In fact, Israel controls everything except Hamas rocket fire.

But raising this issue at international forums, as with almost every issue involving Israel’s abuse of Palestinians, is verboten!

Anxious to maintain the support of Jewish community groups and the relentless Zionist lobby, the Australian Government refused to attend the recent UN Geneva Conference o­n racism because it knew very well that any discussion "to prevent, combat and eradicate racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance" would inevitably raise the issue of Israel’s extremist policies.

At Jewish community fund-raisers, conferences and balloon-folding demonstrations, Australian politicians and corporate bosses regularly claim that the Oz and Israel share the same "democratic ideals".

Well, as astute Xenox News readers very well know, ideals are o­ne thing… facts o­n the ground are something else again.

And, going back to the late 1920s and early 1930s when massive waves of foreign Jews immigrated to Palestine as "farmers", initially buying up land through frontmen and front companies, Israel’s leaders have been busily, ruthlessly and remorselessly creating their very own facts o­n the ground, fertilised as it is with the blood and bones of countless indigenous Palestinians, the descendants of the Canaanites and Philistines who had inhibited the area since the dawn of history.

Really just another fecked-up outcome of another fecked-up European war, the division of the former British mandate of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel has been the festering wound inflaming Middle Eastern bloodshed from the outset.
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The creation of Israel as we know it was always the aim of the Zionist movement, as a homeland for Jews of the Ashkenazi Diaspora, and Zionism’s extremist fervour has grown increasingly violent, racist and cruel since 1948, when the state of modern Israel was fabricated and apartheid and ethnic cleansing became core policies.

And all due to American and British guilt prompting international recognition of a new Jewish state because of the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust.

And so, each year in Australia, as in Israel, powerfully-linked Jewish lobby groups such as, for example, the State Zionist Council of Victoria and Chabad etc., carefully choreograph celebrations of the 1948 declaration of the state of Israel to which Aussie politicians of all spots and stripes come running in order not to be labelled “anti-semitic”.

Israel’s “Independence Day”, Yom Ha'atzma'ut, is always preceded by Yom Hazikaron, the Israel “fallen soldiers” Remembrance Day where, naturally, no mention is ever made of the countless Palestinians victims of those very same soldiers.

Like their U.S. sponsors, Israel’s militant Zionists don’t do body counts of their victims.
Sycophantic Oz politicians regularly attend these events and declare their personal admiration (honest!) for the people of Israel and the contribution to Australia by various Jewish organisations by which they mean party political funding and the usual back-scratching that occurs between politicians and ethnic community and big business honchos.

Over the years, many Federal and Victorian parliamentarians - usually sponsored by Likudist and Zionist support groups - have “taken the opportunity” to “visit” Israel and “strengthen the friendship we all share”.

That friendship, of course, is predicated o­n the strict mutual understanding that there will be not the slightest criticism of Israel’s fundamental policy of militarism, expansionism and racism.

Here in my culturally and linguistically diverse home state of Victoria (named after a dead old British Queen) with its sensible Multicultural Victoria Act, its purely symbolic Community Accord and its utterly ludicrous and inherently anti-democratic Racial and Religious Tolerance Act, there is general consensus that multiculturalism is a good thing, as long as the perception of a “fair go” for all is maintained.

For the global readership of Xenox News I’ll explain that this idea of a “fair go” is something most Aussies really do believe in. Sadly, in practice – like other “facts o­n the ground” – it often is observed more in the breach.

In other words, yeah mate, we’re all for a fair go as long as it’s not in my back yard (Our other great Aussie concept: NIMBY!).

At the risk of going off-topic, just ask indigenous Australians about the “fair go” they’ve received in the past couple of hundred years since British colonisation from Oz governments of every shade and color (White, that is).

Parallels could easily be drawn between the dispossession of Aborigines Down Under and Palestinians in "Israel".

So, while the State government throws bags of money to canny ethnic community groups (on which the branch-stacked electoral offices of both major political parties depend) and while Victoria’s political, business and community leaders make statesmanlike speeches praising multiculturalism, aboriginal Australians still have the worst rates of family violence, unemployment, alcoholism and mortality in the land.

Hell, under our multicultural catch-all we even fund the o­ne thing any sane, civilised society should be doing its best to eradicate: extremist religious indoctrination.
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The Victorian government has even created a nice, neat label for this lunacy: multi-faith! As if all these self-serving, self-absorbed crackpots share some sort of goal when all they really want is to make YOU o­ne of THEM!

That's not "faith", that's dogma, as anyone who has suffered under Stalin, Kim Il-sung or Pol Pot could tell you.

Still, despite millions of tax-payer dollars gushing from the Victorian Multicultural Commission in the form of grants and "funding support", these “culturally and linguistically diverse” propagandists of superstition, myth and “faith” actually resent being “submerged” inside the umbrella of Multiculturalism.

No “fair go” permitted because Jehovah/Allah/Jesus/Mohammed is the o­nly true “god”!

Yeah, right, and so is Quetzalcoatl, Ishtar, Osiris, Zeus, Odin, Wandjina, Tiki and – a staff favourite here at Xenox News – Cthulhu; not to mention a trillion other gods and goddesses with far older, nobler pedigrees than these recent upstarts of Islam and Christianity!

You’d think that by the 21st century humanity would have gotten over this ridiculous shite but here we all are, still butchering o­ne another over myth, magic and mendacity, aka “religion”, nowhere more so than in “Israel” and occupied Palestinian “territories”.
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As Michael Coulter pointed out in the Melbourne Age this week, the world continues to tear itself apart for the sake of o­ne faith or another:

"A world where an extreme faction of Islam wishes to put me and mine to the sword for my unbelief, and to shackle half the world for the crime of being born female. A world where an extreme faction of Christianity wants to throw away science for the sake of millenniums-old superstitions, and is prepared to kill in the name of life. A world where an extreme faction of Hinduism wishes to religiously purify India. A world where people are unashamedly trying to fulfil the biblical conditions for Armageddon". [Read his complete article here http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/god-delusions-cloud-a-world-of-wonders-20090502-aqxa.html?page=-1]

Let’s not forget the shocking assassination of the Israeli “peacemaker” Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish religious nutter, an adherent of the virulently hateful Meir Kahane, extremist Chassidim and crazed ultra-“Orthodox” rabbis, both in Israel and the United States.
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Again, quoting Coulter, I wholeheartedly agree that "the record of societies governed by religious law, from the Aztecs to the Taliban, tells us that theocracy is a synonym for barbarity".

In other words, mass psychosis.

And in Israel's current Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, extremist Zionist ideology founded o­n religious absolutism is poised to strike, as mad and bad as any suicidal "Islamist".

Here in sun-struck, slap-happy, booze-addled Australia, well aware of their political clout, Zionist “cultural" organisations, "community schools" and “peak bodies” make full use of the Down Under state of Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act to peddle their exclusive Lekudist/Chassidist Eretz Izrael agenda through assorted government-sponsored, forums, conferences and other “multi-faith” circuses.

And our politicians cynically tag along, minds ever o­n the potential votes involved, not the mounting bodies of slain Palestinian men, women and children.

While Aussie pollies and their mainstream media parrots abjectly prattle about “addressing the need to promote mutual understanding among Jews and non-Jews” and “uphold the democratic fundamentals of dialogue, inclusion and respect for difference among all Victorians”, local Likudists keep an ear out for any dared mention of Israel’s crimes against humanity, most recently demonstrated in Gaza.

And, to repeat, of course the slightest critical comment o­n Israel’s right-wing extremism invokes a sham howl of anti-Semitism!

Funny that, considering that the majority of Israelis are not semites but Ashkenazi Russians, Americans and Europeans (Ben-Gurion, the “Father of the Nation”, was Polish).

Indigenous Palestinians, o­n the other hand, are indeed Semites.
Israel IDF US-made-phosphorus-shells
And now, as America’s disastrous wars-of-choice roll o­n with the incidence rate of leukemia in Iraq increasing over 600 percent since 1990 due to U.S. and U.K. use of depleted uranium, with more than 200 people killed in “terrorist” attacks so far this month in Baghdad alone - and as yet another wave of horrific and indiscriminate bombing erupts across the city - I’m going to play a little game of what-if.

What if in 1948 the state of Israel was not created smack bang in the Middle East in the middle of Muslim communities?

What if those early proposals for a Jewish homeland in Madagascar or, as a certain Theodor Herzl contemplated, Uganda, had been acted upon instead? Where would the world be today?


No Hezbollah?

No Hamas?

No Al Qaeda?!

No 9/11?!!

No U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq?!!!

And that’s just for starters, right folks?

Anyway, you needn’t be a braniac to see that prosecuting Israel’s crimes against humanity and enforcing justice for the Palestinians would reduce al Qaeda's appeal throughout the world.
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In the words of Hassan Musa, curator of a museum exhibit in the West Bank dedicated to the Jewish Holocaust,"The Palestinians have no connection to the Holocaust in Europe, but unfortunately we are paying the price of a misdeed we did not commit."

"The world is shamefully silent about what is happening in Palestine as a way of expressing their sorrow for the death of six million Jews, but in the meantime, they are supporting the state of occupation," he said.

One thing’s certain: Israel assumes rights for itself that it denies to Palestinians.

As the former head of Israel's 20-lawyer International Law Division in the Military Advocate General's office, Daniel Reisner, tellingly stated:

"If you do something for long enough, the world will accept it. The whole of international law is now based o­n the notion that an act that is forbidden today becomes permissible if executed by enough countries ... International law progresses through violations. We invented the targeted assassination thesis and we had to push it. At first there were protrusions that made it hard to insert easily into the legal molds. Eight years later, it is in the centre of the bounds of legitimacy."

God’s bloody will, I suppose, eh?

And so, o­n this very special occasion, I wish to express my personal fecking admiration for the people of Israel and the contribution to Victoria by the Jewish community and the many hard-working zionist organisations and religious lobby groups, not to mention those early zionist terrorist organisations Lehi (aka the Stern Gang), Irgun and others, without whose bloodthirsty efforts those initial "facts o­n the ground" may never have existed in what we now know as Israel.
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Yes, brothers and sisters, as we celebrate Israel’s 61 years of militant expansionism and o­nce again highlight Australia’s steadfast connection to Israel where indigenous Arab communities have been robbed, maimed and killed to accommodate European, Russian and American émigrés and the insidious long term goals of Zionist zealots and Chassidic extremists, I’ll finish my little rant with a few more words from the "Father of the Nation":

“If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti - Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but o­ne thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?”

This is Max Gross for xenoxnews.com, mixing a chilled vodka spritzer, commemorating another holy massacre and wishing you all a very happy new Yom Ha-Atzmaut or, more appropriately: Al Nakba.

Shalom and peace be upon you, me and the lavatory.
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