Terrorrism has Roots

Created: Monday, 03 November 2003 Written by Submit_News
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Terrorrism and the suffering that it causes, will only be defeated by removing the hopelessness and subjugation that are at its root. If we examine the current causal engine that sustains international terrorrism -- we will find that for the most part the engine that drives it is the injustice underlying the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza as well as the Golan heights.

Israel could drain the swamp of terrorrism by leaving the west bank and gaza, sharing Jerusalem as a joint capital and redressing the historic wrong committed on the palestinian people in 1948.

By far most palestinians would reject terrorrism under these conditions and the few die-hards that kep on that path would quickly find themselves isolated and in prison.

Terrorrism fails when the support of the people it purports to represent flows away from it.

Witness the failure of the red brigades in Italy for example. For a while a segment of Italian society supported these terrorrists and they were able to carry out acts of terrorrism, but when that support dried up the hard core terrorrists were isolated and most are now in prison.

It is the Israeli occupation and imposition of an apartheid system on millions of hapless palestinians that is at the root of palestinian terrorrism.

It is zionism and zionist poilicies that are the ultimate cause of this scourge. Zionists have created palestinian ghettoes of hopelessness that are the terrorrists recruiting grounds.

By Chris de Morsella