The state of the 'News

Monday, 29 September 2008 By TEX LUMBAGO
As you may have noticed things are a little quiet round here. That is because the dedicated XenoxNews staff are hard at work on the new XenoxNews website.

Bolder, brassier, and with more jingly bits than a Bangkok hooker, the new will be a light unto nations...and then some. But we still have more work to do. We don't want to lose any of the 2500+ stories we have published in the 8 years we have been on the web. Plus all their comments and pics. So it might take some time.

In the meantime keep on submitting articles and writing comments; they will all be incorporated into the new site. We are still getting hit by spam and so the comment moderation is taking time. Hopefully the new upgrade will overcome this problem.

Any questions? Comments? Death threats? Put 'em below, and I'll see what I can do about answering them.

Yours sincerly,

Tex Lumbago
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