Honourable Men & "Free Enterprise"

Tuesday, 16 July 2002 By blix

When corporate loss is disguised as profit it's just a matter of time before somebody gets hurt. I'm not talking about company directors, chief executives or even presidents, but employees and the little mom-and-pop investors suckered into the biggest casino in the galaxy: share market trading.

Meanwhile, the crooks responsible walk away with a big fat fucking bonus for their efforts!

As the inherent weakness and tendency to corruption of big corporate bodies becomes more and more apparent, I thought I'd post a quick check-list of big boom-bust white-collar criminal excreta.

Currently under criminal investigation by the US Justice Department are Qwest Communications, WorldCom, Enron Corporation, Tyco International, Computer Associates and ImClone Systems. Not to mention that pristine pillar of corporate accountability Arthur-fucking-Anderson!

In our own glorious Banana Monarchy - Monstralia - under the guiding claw of that vile and mendacious midget John Winston Howlong, we've had our own series of corporate swindles and crash-and-burns (ie exposed rorts). Need I mention One Tel, Ansett, HIH etc?

All under the watchful eye of of our diligent federal government regulatory watchdogs. NOT!

And we still have self-serving dickheads like PM Johnny and his venal cohorts - and Labor's own useless jockstrap Mark Latham - touting for more share ownership.

Hell, they all think its a perfectly brilliant idea for every one of us struggling, screwed-down wage-slaves to invest our entire life savings, our superannuation funds, our children and grandchildren, in the magical world of share market trading. Oh duh!

Don't know about you, but at the end of a working week I'm lucky if I have enough spare cutter for a fucking six-pack, never mind dipping my foot in the pirahna-infested stockmarket.

Globalisation? Let's see it all crash and burn!
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