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Thursday, 09 May 2013 By Tex Lumbago
Tex L
- Gave me a handful of colourful pills before the party got gate crashed. When that guy was beating me over the head with my cane I don't recall feeling any pain. I do remember the slow motion. Ahhh... 1984...
-I said which ones do I take. He said all of them. 


- Twas early 84

fat jap

  - Phil the pill.            
- I wish my brother George was here            
- Amazing to be alive still. Wonder for how much longer. Nearly fucking 50 you know which I used to think would be about the limit.            

- yes... Shouldnt you be on smack now?
- Well im still kicking but y'know any day...

- That was if I made 60 wasn't it. On the kandy korn now :O           

- Oi! Where'd u get it!

-Some cunt I met down the pub

-Not the cycle shop?

-That psychedelic anthropologist Dr i told u about is likely to move to Oz. Told him to look U up if he ends up in Melbum

          -We get Pecker for next summit? Be nice to see him again...

- Off to play some soccer with chinese and indians against Germans :p

-Sounds like a war game.. can I be Vichy again            

-Vichy? Think ur celine or something?

-Is it?

japan escalator

-Is what?

-Petcha? Good luck getting him to turn up!            
-Is it.. Celine / Vichy            

-I'll put the word on him...
-They were both at one stage.


- Ohio gazamus

-Gunna set up Xenoxnews public twitter list... Almagate us all undr one banner

 -Even your work stuff? Lol 


-Tell him you'll point the bone if he's not careful. Black catfish bone!            

-That should get him off his arse... Good idea. he believes that rubbish

 -Hmmm.. Maybe!

-Ok gotta run from subway to bus to Turf City Futsal fields! Spread ur goodness on the 'News... It needs it!

-But I always get rubbished and then feel the sadness of everything            
-Poor moi
-Boo hoo

-Nonsense... Get it on!

-Whattaya wan me to write about            
-Death and the unknown; the usual bark

-All of the above!

tits japan


-Just paste the thread             

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