Xenox News journo's in hiding

Created: Thursday, 31 July 2003 Written by Home Office
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Word has come to light that many XN regulars are in hiding. It appears that threats from various government agencies have put pressure on several XN regulars. Said regulars are believed to have gone underground. One regular writer suggested recently: "I'm still all for freedom of press; just as long as not I'm subject to any protracted government opression; I've got kids to feed; can't we just stick to sport articles?" Another writer only gave a statement after being coozed with a bottle and a half of Tullamore Dew: "Woman like long neck bottles and this one sure could, chug 'em down."

The flack apparently began after (it has been alleged) Prime Minister Howard received a CD of exerpts of highlights from Xenox Radio.

Howard issued orders immedietly to ASIO head of operations: "Find these fuckers and shut them down. We, as a responsible government, must make sure that the Australian public never has to be subject to such scandalous and obviously morally corrupt media broadcasts."

"These low-lives sum up what is going wrong with current cultural degenerate propaganda. They are a sick undercurrent influence that could potentially ruin all that is good and progressive about our current electorate. Jail is too good for these loonies"

Head office phone has been disconnected and the phone box on the corner clicks and bleats. Under cover; Xenox News foundation members are encourgaed to post only from internet cafe's and suburban internet connections. We are still holding the fort in our remote office in Darwin and will publish stories as they come in but we only have three bottles Dew left and six cases of donated Apple Cider flagons.

Send cigarettes and Jack ASAP