Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Hey boxheaded cunt,

I see you like beer, at least as a head dress. What's your favourite?

How do you drink it?

With a straw?



Dear Me,

Yes, you can tell by the box I wear I enjoy a brew or two. But I am usually not so picky as to what I put on my noggin; I just grab what's close to hand and most times it's the box the latest slab has come in.

As for my beer I am a bit choosy; it usually all comes down to price. And I find I can't beat an old can of Knock Out for value in the alcohol/money stakes. It'll put you on your arse in no time.


And yes, I do drink with a straw. How else do you reckon I can get it into my gob you stupid cunt.




Offend-o-Meter: 5 / 5

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