#ASKBOXHEAD Can of worms...

Wednesday, 22 August 2012
It seems I've upset me Missus. I don't know why she got so riled; all I asked was if her younger sister could join us in bed for a while.

What's so wrong with that?

I thought sheilas today were up for a bit of experimentation.

Tony Abott

Dear Mr Fucking Oxygen thief.

There I was, just chilling by the pool, naked from box down washing my ass with soap and, with help from the pressure of a fountain slowly loosening up all of that dried up shit, (I find it funny that on such a warm day that no one's joining me in the pool. People just pointing their iPhones at me. Meh! Anyway I suggest you swim here on a good day; its just outside of the Arts Centre)
I was just chilling when I get interrupted by this stupid fucking question, and you want to be P.M? REALLY?

Well, I suppose I do feel sorry for you so I will oblige and show you where you went wrong and besides, where would the world be if Boxhead didn't answer questions for you pathetic earthlings?

So here is where you went wrong: Don't fucking ask; just do! Don't think, don't hope, just fucking do it, and trust me, if your love action is as dull as your personality I am sure that she won't mind, and if she does say anything just say "Babe, I'm just being spontaneous."

Hope this helps.
BoxHead Signing Out.

Now if you will excuse me I am going back to my bath!

boxhead drinking beer

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