Ask Boxhead - Shit Won't Float

Saturday, 11 November 2017


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Today we have Franky from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbum with his tale of woe...


Dear Mr Boxhead,

I have noticed many changes as my life cycles on to its inevitable demise. Greying hair. Lack of hair. Sagging skin. Decrepit penis.

But I have noticed another thing lately. My shit don't float. Why on Earth would that be?

Frankly Getting Older,



Dear Frank,

Yes time sure does march on. It’s been a while for meself as well.

Yeh, even I notice the time passing. But as my Scone is in Cardboard, to the rest of the World I appear still and unchanging. The only thing that varies is the colour of my cerebral accoutrement.

And I reckon I keep my lower parts in pretty good shape too. Perhaps that’s why I am doing better than you old Frankie.


Time to get your noggin in a cardboard box Frank. Don't be ashamed; I reckon the Missus will love not having to look at your ugly old mug anymore. And who knows. Maybe your bowels will start working properly again.



Boxhead by the pool for the wedding


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