#ASKBOXHEAD I am offended

Tuesday, 09 October 2012
Dear Mr Boxhead,

I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have traveled widely and entertained many with my wit and erudite opinions. But now I am a little concerned. It seems the natives are getting restless in various backward nations. Even recent immigrants from these terrible lands in our own country are stirring up trouble. In a lot of ways I blame the internet for giving them the wrong ideas.

What I want to know is how can we make them realise that white man knows best for them, and that they should listen and learn when we speak to them? You know, like in the old days.

Kind regards,
Lt Lord Fauntleroy

Dear whatever your name is.

I have thought long and hard for an answer to your question and no matter what angle I take I keep getting the same answer. That you are a FUCKHEAD.

Hope this satisfies u you Racist cunt.

Fuck u

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