#ASKBOXHEAD - Covid19 running all thru my brain

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Dear Mr Boxhead,

You have been quiet lately? I hope your health is solid good sir!

Currently the globe is encircled in a fearful miasma of wayward organisms. Oh Dear Boxman can you hear our pleas for a cure? Our cries for a soothing balm? Our lamentations for a pill that we can take orally or otherwise?



Oh Boxy! What shall we do to get our lives back to how it was?  Is there a cryptocurrency we should deposit our ransom into? A stone idol to which we should sacrifice our first born?

These things worked in the past so why not now.


Is it true that this tiny motherfucking virus is a bitter harbinger of our dismal future? 


I await your utterances oh Wise One.



Average Small Businessman Joe


Dear Joe,

Yes it seems everyone is in a tizzy about this damn virus. It has really exploded the minds of the good, wise, and the fuckwitted.


For example...


Some say the virus is caused by electromagnetic radiation. Even if you possess only one neuron you would know this is crap. 


As for me. My head is encased in a protective shell of moist cardboard. I can sail serenely thru the chaos and misinformation that we find ourselves in.

I see all.

Hear all.

Know all.


In regards to your direct queries Joe, here are my answers:

A cure? - Good wine, vittles, and a cardboard cranial encumberage. Seems to have done wonders for me.

A balm? - I quite enjoy a soothing lotion from the Pamir Valley. Preferably rubbed on my privates by one of those wandering Minxes that live there as well :)

A pill? - Not really into drugs mate. Just a frosty one for me.


Actually Joe I think I divine your true intention regarding this Covid19 mess. Being a small businessman, ie bourgeois arsehole, I can see your overriding concern is to get your slaves, sorry workers, back at the coalface and making money for you.

Well fuck that prick! Looks like you and all you other tightarse assholes are going to have to grin and bear it a little while longer. 

As you say Joe, this virus is just the start of the shitstorm. And the only cure for this malady? Worker solidarity mate.


Yours in a comradely fashion,



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