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Created: Wednesday, 11 January 2006 Written by Theo Blues
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...that when he took that peyote he saw things men don't normally see.

'My dreams were often true.' Said the chosen one Frank Blues. And he spread he hands out wide. Lifted a knee and settled back onto the dirt.
'It gave me an insight into the dream reality...a feeling of knowledge...I've lost the fear y'know.'

I kept a journal of all his talk. His eyes glowed in the firelight. The sparks from the burning logs lit his face. 'I refuse to lie down! My vision must be told!'
He'd stand tall, defying the world and the natives. 'Take me on my word,' he told me, 'I don't have anything but the truth!'

'Everyman has a secret dream. To be there when the AntiChrist steps up to the plate. When the world falls in flames and the true believers will be saved. Everyman wants to be at Armageddeon.'

'Theo,' he said,

'I've been there. The birds, those chickens, they showed me.'

'The devil has a beard, and a very, very, long dick. His name is Madmanahmed.'

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