#AskBoxhead - Is this question hard enough for you?

Friday, 12 August 2022

...Earth calling Boxy...Earth calling Boxy? Are you there Boxy? ...Over...


Yes the man in the Box is back!

Flinging gimlets of enlightenment into our Ether once again. There is nothing he don't know and nothing he can't opine about!

XenonxNews.com's very own Cardboard Hero...



Today he answers a rather cryptic question from the German Philosopher Arthur Zenz...


Dear Boxy,

Is this question hard enough for you?


Best regards,

Arthur Zenz.



Arthur is it? No relation to that other German bull shit artist Adrian I presume? Anyway... let's see...

In reality this question is very soft. Not at all difficult to answer. Cause in my Box I am an omnipotent entity.


I. Know. It. Fucken. All.


No answer can escape my vast knowledge. From within my cardboard cavern my neurons twitch and light up, sparkled by the probing questions of my readership.


There is really no one like me!


And the answer is...




Love ya,




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