New V-Line Heritage class questioned by Ombudsman

Thursday, 05 April 2001 By Pervis
Heritage classThe new look passenger class

The ombudsman for public transport in Victoria today questioned V-Line on their new "Heritage" class appropriation. A spokesman for V-Line said he couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. "This new class will not only appeal to the poets and traditionalists in society, it allows us to kill two birds with one stone. These carriages were only sitting there rusting while half of Melbourne's heritage and historical society members have been begging for us to return to the older style carriages, and the fantastic thing is that we don't have to, in fact, aren't even allowed to modify them!" Steve Bracks is yet unavailable for comment on the new series.


red...and white....and yellow...and blue rattlerSneak preview of V-Lines new Heritage class train carriages exterior.
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