#AskBoxhead - Boring COVID

Friday, 09 September 2022

Dear Mr Boxhead,

Is Covid19 the most boring pandemic in history? Everyone with their 2 bob and all.

Signor Giovanni


Dear Mr Giovanni

COVID 19. It's sweeping the nation. Causing all sorts of devastation. 2 years of misery and woe!

Well let me tell you something…

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COVID-19. An artists rendition.

In my box I have been safe as houses. Not a sniffle. Not even a froggy throat. My cardbox case of protection has allowed me to sail through the world unobstructed, uninfected, and in all my glory. While peering out my cardboard eyes I have seen the rest of you clowns doubling over in fits of coughing, being spiked with God knows what, and carking it by the dozens in hospital.

Seems to be a lesson here Giuseppe, doesn’t it? Don't listen to the nay-sayers or the anti-vaxxers...

Get your noggin in a box and everything will be alright!


Yours with 2 bob in hand,

Foxy Boxy

Boxhead by the pool for the wedding

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