#AskBoxhead - Doing My Own Research

Saturday, 31 December 2022

Dear Boxhead,

On the recommendation of some of my internet friends I have started to do my own research.

But now that I have started I find that the area is pretty big. So, as part of my research, and to save me some time, I am reaching out to you.

Could you please let me know what is going on?


Independent Thinker



Dear Indie Thinker,

"Do your own research"? Bugger that mate!

Why not just search the August pages of this mighty fine online periodical? Here in XenoxNews.com you will find the answers to many of life's burning questions:


Is it too big?

Is it too small?

Is it true Ricardovitz has been diddling his sister?


Our knowledge comes from years of studying. From years of living. And from years of loving.

Our truths are unshakeable. Our Wisdom would put King Solomon to shame.


Look, why not make it easy for yourself. If you need to know something just type it in the Search box and within microseconds the answer will be spat out for your cogitation.







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