14 Characteristics of The Hornyness – I have it all the time!

Wednesday, 04 April 2007 By Herr Fudgehead

MY life is not all it’s cut out to be. I even have to work for a living now.
But at least I have The Hornyness.
What about you?

These following basic characteristics define The Hornyness:

1. On your mind all the time.

2. Can’t keep eyes on the road when driving; just have to watch the ass going by.

3. Wake up erect and/or wet.

4. Keyboard sticky; hands still wet.

5. Agreeable to immoral and unnatural sex.

6. When you dream of big strong German men singing to you in their native tongue.

7. Want to be tied up by members of our security forces. Let them do what thou wilt!

8. Anti-Christian and pro-hornyness.

9. Envy of the sex successful in society.

10. Hatred of doing a fair dinkum days work. Just want to fuck all day.

11. Want to see more of the tarts at university.

12. Blue balls.

13. Want to party with Tina and a house full of Chinese hookers.

14. Indulge in conspiracy theories to explain why you are never getting enough. Or is it too small?

I know I’m not the only one. Must be more of you out there.

Herr Fuckhead

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