Dear Ricky...When Should I Take The Law Into My Own Hands?

Created: Tuesday, 11 December 2007 Written by I've had enough
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Dear Ricky,
Often when I am driving I feel like I am surrounded by lunatics and losers who shouldn’t be on the road. Cutting people off, slowing down traffic, and ignoring basic road courtesies; these idiots can drive the most even tempered person to the breaking point. In nearly all cases they are of foreign extraction, who have obviously gotten into our country by some illegal means. And the fact that the local constabulary are never there when you need them only adds fuel to my fire.

Surely I am within my rights to deal with these foreign fuckwits by giving them a decent thrashing? I believe it is the only way these fools will learn. In fact by administering a violent driving refresher course to these low lifes I am actually saving lives in the long term. Don’t you agree Ricky?

Former War Veteran,
Rooty Hill RSL