OBAMA GUN BAN: Xenox News Pick's Ricky's Newist Gun

Saturday, 08 November 2008 By Ricardovitz
Obama's gonna ban guns. Rickardovitz needs a real good one. Xenox News Helps Choose:

Alright good people of Xenox News. Old Ricky here needs some help figurin out what new gun he's gonna buy. Choices are:PTR-91 - copy of HK-91 in .308 Nothin says "Seig Heil" with a Southern Twang like an American copy of a German Assault RifleAK47 Underfolder - all good commies and commie killers need this o­neAR15 - Semi-auto Copy of the M16 - made out of recycled aluminum Budwiser Cans - what's more American than that?FN FAL - The "Right" Arm of the World. Not a commie gun.Desert Eagle 44 Magnum Auto Pistol - Jew Gun from Israel. EAA Witness 10mm - WOP gun from Italy - WOP's make good guns - grease thrown in fer free.UZI 9mm Carbine - Jews learn't good how to make guns from thar Nazi FathersM14 - Real Gook KillerAustrailian Leader MK-5 - Yep, Ausies make a Better Beercan15 than YankeesDamn - so many assault weapons to choose from, cain't make a decision - NEED YER HELP, PLEASE!!!!.
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