Monday, 14 October 2002 By Correspondent

Last nights events have brought the real world to the doorstep of Australia.

We can no longer live in the dream world of “it can’t happen here!”

There are evil forces out there that want to take away our civilization! Our homes, and even our families!

For too long we have listened to the bleating of the chattering leftist intelligentsia!

Blaming the US for all the worlds ills. Now their fantasy has been torn apart by the bomb blast in Bali. The time for doing nothing is over. We must strike back and strike back hard!

Thank God our country has a resolute leader ready to stand up for us. He has stated our position and it is clear for the world to see.

We will fight against terrorism whenever it raises its ugly head!

We will support and follow those countries that are leading the fight for freedom.

To not fight is to submit to the will of tyrants and fanatics.

What other choice do we have?

God bless Australia!

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