President Trump 2024. Can any good come of it?

Sunday, 04 June 2023 By Washington DC Desk

The story of Trump is a story as old as America. A renegade who took on the world and won. At least once anyway.

No comebacks in American lives said F Scott Fitzgibbon. But in 2024 can President Trump prove him wrong...

A red robed hero for The Masses

On his arse after the 2020 election. A January 6 protest that went horribly wrong. How can former Presidunce Trump drag himself off the floor for one more fight?

Well to start with he went back to College. Not just any old College though...

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An International School of Knowledge, where he was taught by the Creme de la Creme of the Intelligentsia.

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But current President Biden wasn't just biding his time. He had plans to sink Trump once and for all.

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A cunning fellow, Old Sleepy Joe planned to beat Trump at his strongpoint; The Reality TV Show. And so in 2021 he created the "The Great US President Cook Off"!

Biden got his best Collaborators...

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And boy, didn't they cook up a Storm!

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Trump, never any good as a Team Player, tried his hand as a Solo Chef.

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But his food was distasteful as it looks.

A chastened loser, former President Trump retired to the sidelines to plot his next move.

And where did he go? Why of course he returned to the Heartlands of America. Where he and his Wife looked, listened, and learned.

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 The 'despicables', as Hilary named them, are the wisest of idiots. And by living in their 'Hood, Trump wanted to mine their knowledge. For as the immortal Lux Interior opined:

"... there's more things in Tennessee than is dreamed of in your philosophy..."

In fact Trump was so inspired by Lux he started up a a band.

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With his band of misfits the new Rockin' & Rollin' Trump hit the road again. He'd play anywhere; dives, dumps, and divvy vans. Where ever the voters were, Trump went looking for them.

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Belting out the hits like a 21st Century Elvis. Dressed in white to represent the purity of the American Spirit. Singing from his heart. That black hole of darkness that lies at the core of the American Dream.

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So Sleepy Joe, you better get your team together. Cause President Trump is looking to land a knock out blow in 2024!

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People beware! Evil never sleeps...


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