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Japanese Rebonding

Created: Saturday, 05 March 2005 Written by Unregistered Corresp
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International Polytechnic for Women, Sector: 35 organized a seminar cum workshop o­n Hair Dressing where Nadeem demostrated & taught his skills of Hair Cuts, Hair Styling, Hair Coloring & Rebonding to aspiring students of Hair Dressing & Beauty Culture.

Nadeem told that youngters are going for vibrants colors like red, voilet & blue and women for going for double color now a days. Designing a care needs care precision, artistic appreciation, technique combination and control. It includes elements of balance rythm, line and omvement. "I feel there is lots of potential in hair dressing industry, the oppurtunity for groth and development is part of job. After all people have now realized that it is not o­nly clothes, jewellery and shoes that describe you, it is also your hair. Hair dressing is a career which allows you to showcase you creativity, to have fun, to earn name, fame and good money" says nadeem

"Not long ago running a hair dressing saloon was seen as a low profile profession. Thanks to professionals and also some efforts by me also. now the said profession has got all the trappings of modernity & hype. In the short span of 7 years, my fingers tips has achieved a lots of grooming (thanx to god and my parents)" grins nadeem who have entered into LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS and had been appreciated by GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS. Nadeem informs that He is o­nly hair dresser in the country (probably in the world) who gives hair cut blindfold, with candle hair, Cutter & piece of glass. "I always loved to be unique and creative in a field, now see which has become extremely dynamic, since then i have travelled all over the country demonstrating my skills. I had featured sereral national & internation TV channels, press and numerous websites.

While teaching students of the polytechnic nadeem told us that he loves to share & teach his skills to aspiring students, hair dressers to enhance their skills. The main idea is to uplift the profession and make good professionals Hair stylist is valuable commodity, which is hard to find and have working oppurtunity not o­nly in salons but also in fashion houses, MNCs, Media agencies, Hair dressing Schools, Bollywood etc. Hair styling is very creative and dynamic field which is constantly changing everyday. The role of the beautician is changin and clients are looking to them for advice o­n personal grooming. I want to make my art more creative.

Rebonding, is the other name for straightening but it is much for advanced and gives more beautiful results. We softens the sulfur bonds which are actually responsible for hair shape, then straight them and closes the sulfur bonds so that hair keeps the straight shape. The main benefit is it doesn't damage your hair too much and brings lot of sheen to your hair.

Nadeem teaching his skills