Created: Friday, 20 January 2006 Written by Chato
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NWO schemers know how to control
bovine, robopathic dullards, and
fit them into the Great Plan. Keep the cattle dull and vicious,
and keep 'em breeding.
Spectator sport drivel does the
job, as does glorifying dimwit
celebrities. Show them how to be
total morons. Good on yer champ!
You fucking pathetic moron!

Promote the "winners". Filthy
Johnny is a winner. It is even
better if the "winners" are brutal
morons or at least total airheads.
Make "losing" a very terrifying
prospect for the cattle. Keep them
"competing". No time to notice what
is happening to their world.

Train up some vicious sociopaths to
sool onto those losers who somehow
fail to conform and submit to the
Great Plan.

Useful mottoes to remember:
You are punished for doubting the
Great Plan. You must not doubt the
Great Plan. Serve the Great Plan.
Ignorance is strength.

Filthy Johnny, by his various
non-core gestures and droning
monologue, hypnotically suggests
that Heaven will be available by
way of Cosmic Justice - even though
his system will deny justice for
most of the cattle during their
short brutish lives - lives that
are sure to be destroyed by loyally
serving the Great Plan.
It is no use complaining that you
have had enough, because only
sociopathic Johnny gets to decide
when you have had enough.

Heaven is available as long as
you have served the Great Plan
by labouring long, hard and cheap.

They got Filthy Johnny cheap.

They may need to increase his
security soon, to ward off some
serious "love" from his adoring
vicious cattle.