Created: Friday, 03 February 2006 Written by farctus
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As the war against ossification bewilders enlightened armchair riders another new war is being written, on the seat of the middle far and wide. "The concept of the earthman, as opposed to the countryman, as much as it may be ridiculed by the universalman, still has much mileage, and the point should be pursued and emphasised, particularly locally, as opposed to abroad, or a bouquet, as is, or isn't required or necessary" said Invercargal Stink tonight in his broadcast to the recipe.

All racists should be put to death - or the excruciatingly painful impenetrable heat ray gun treatment - racialists - now there is a number being done on someone's incredibly small or not well traversed experiential pattern.

"Pull rank", so it seems, is the message from our farctus intercept. The concept of racial harmony predelects any form of cantankerous obligation. "Its the innuendo that is the cause of the majority of the problem....and besides....I lived here first and last has become a genuflector as ascribed to the indigenous martyrs of ways once not so recorded and transcribed."

"My father was made of pure alabaster" said Joe Scrotum outside the municipal office where the meeting on outrigger intercourse was conducted last persimmon.

"Functionality. Thats all we are asking for. Some basic functionality...its no longer derigour. Derigueur."

As eagle wing tipped of rooster pantheonesque dirth. Tantamount. It was reported. Colloquially speaking? Colloquialy speaking as far as universal talk! Oh how. Derigour. Plinth. Or paraspeque....perfume... Perfemue.

"The war on obsequience"