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Created: Thursday, 11 May 2006 Written by Chato
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Oz government and christian company
provide free holidays for elderly and
infirm consumers who can no longer
work as hard as they once did.

In a generous joint venture between
Hellsong Enterprises, the Howardland
regime of Ostrichlia and the morals
enforcing spy agency, Zenterlink,
free-enterprise once again provides a
final solution to the problem of
useless consumers wasting their lives
in idleness and sin.

A beautiful factory and holiday
village has been built over an
attractive toxic waste dump.

The serene and very functional
"Hellsong Soap and Fertilizer" was
planned and built by the architect
Albert Speer, following respected
christian principles, and will sport
a very stern but fair motto:
"Mutual obligation sets you free."

Visitors enjoy the experience so much
that they never bother to go home,
and donate their clothes to charity.