Big Shit Coming

Wednesday, 11 July 2007 By Chato
I had better warn the Oz galoots...

My poor little Aussie dullards, I know
you live in a world of mass-media delusion,
but there are 1.2 trillion "household debt
dollar" reasons why life will soon become
unbearable for most of you in this Ponzi
scheme of a nation, and there is so much
more very bad news about your future.

Please understand that things are about to
drastically change for the worse, as a result
of all the carpetbagging that has happened
over the last few decades.

It may be more kind if you slumber all the
way to your delusional deaths.

Get rid of non-core John, but that is not
enough to save you doomed creatures or your
ruined nation.

I feel sorry for many of you. I feel sorry
that so few Aussies have the knowledge or
intelligence to survive the disaster that
they have built for themselves.

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