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Howard and his Housemaid's Knee

Created: Tuesday, 31 July 2007 Written by Correct Protocol
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A quaint reminder of the jolly old times.

Your servants, whereupon their bended knee, would serve their Masters during lunch, breakfast, and tea.

And perhaps this then is the reason that an appearance as the jovial County squire seems to be irresistible to the current inhabitant of Kirribilli House?

Striking the pose as everyman, but allowing for the accoutrements of privilege to be used. When one is in this position one must do not only what is right but what is seemly.

So the Housemaid's Knee.

It is a problem. What with his popularity collapsing and the scandals of Government.

The maid has been on her knees much too much.

Whatever will the neighbors think?

Mr Howard may I offer you some advice; place a rug under the lass next time.