Centrelink to apply NWO psychological techniques to pregnant Aussie dullards

Created: Monday, 20 July 2009 Written by Chato
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Those poor vegetable girls who are in a
permanent state of child-bearing as a consequence
of the neo-fascistic "baby bonus" will soon be
made to feel guilty over their condition of
state-induced motherhood.

The terror of bludgerhood will hang over the
poor breeders like a dark Centrelink cloud,
and it will only be a matter of time until
the fetus is also subject to the wonderful
OECD/NWO "Mutual Obligation" travesty.

There's a fetus in my bedroom
There's a fetus in my lounge room
There's a fetus in my bathroom
And a lazy bludger in my womb
Bludging fetus
Bludging fetus
Bludging fetus
It's a lazy bludger in my womb