Sunday, 10 April 2011 By Ricardovitz

Take a gander at this, boys 'n girls.



This here, Gay Hendrix 'n his band of castrated gypsies is what queer-folks wanna turn y'all into. These homosexual retards, also knowed as "sextards" dern't git no reckonin 'bout what a woman wants.

Well, I'm a here ta tell all you boys out thar that no woman, not even one of them bull-dike lesbians who done git gang raped by thar paps 'n uncle 'n whatnot when theys li'll dern't give one whoot fer a bunch of cry-babby, sackless faggots pretendin ta be men appologizin to 'em fer nothin more than what come natural to a real man.

Woman is fer pump'n out li'll pups. God gave 'em big titties, 'n a smelly cooter fer so no more reason than ta git a NORMAL man all stirred up ta ware he can't do nothin but git all over that smelly cooter. "N God done give woman half a brain so's not ta let some sextarded, half-peckered, crybaby queer git noware's near that smelly cooter of hers. God done made a man's brain bigger than woman, cuz part git ta be dedicated to proper reactin to that thar cooter smell. 'N part gotta be ready fer what happen after a man git all over them big titties 'n smelly cooter.

That's right, boys 'n girls. That thar woman git thar seed 'n her, 'n then she gonna be pumpin out some pups. Now, that man who done git his brains all scrambled by that cooter smell is gonna have ta use all his wits jest ta keep that woman 'n her pups under his thumb! Tain't easy, but that's why God git men a bigger brain 'n heaftier muscles. Gonna take all that 'n then some jest ta survive an ornery baby-makin machine.

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