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Created: Friday, 27 May 2011 Written by Ricardovitz
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I'm gonna talk to ya 'bout the reincarnation of Evil Women. Y'all probally never heard 'bout Dagmar Overbye, She was a Danish murderer of li'll children. Dagmar done killed someware's 'bout 25 children – of which one was her own – from 1913 to 1920.Dagmar worked as a nursemaid 'n nanny, watch'n bastard babies born to whores 'n loose sluts She strangled 'em, drowned 'em or burned 'em to death in her masonry heater. The dead babies was either cremated, buried or hidden in the loft.

Them Danes finally caught up with her 'n sentenced her to death. Then them castrated Danes git scared 'n commuted Dagmar's punishment to life in prison. She died mysteriously in prison on May 6, 1929. She was 46.

Now, why is this important??? Cuz, now I'm gonna tell you 'bout another murder'n mommy - Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony had a li'll baby girl named Caylee - a bastard baby girl. Well, good time Casey she was right busy goin to sex parties, fornicatin with this boy 'n that boy, lesbian-lick'n with other women, 'n all sorts of evil whatnot. She steals, lies, whores, spreads her slutty legs fer any 'ol flesh worshipin demon who'll git near that nasty thang.

Well, one day li'll miss Casey decides that she ain't gittin 'nuff meat stuffed 'tween her legs cuz her lill baby Caylee is jest gettin in her way. So, Casey, she fixes up a batch of Chloroform 'n gives it to li'll Caylee, 'n raps a whole bunch of Duct Tape 'round Caylee's head jest to make sure she's gonna be good-n-dead.


Where is our guardian angel to protect us from these sluts of Satan?


So, li'll Caylee is all drugged 'n duct-taped up, dead 'n rotten in Casey's car trunk fer 5 days. Smelt like dead-rotten baby flesh cooked up in thar Florida sun fer 5 days. "N what do Casey do? She drive that thar dead-baby-smellin car 'round, go 'bout partyin, fornicatin with this boyfriend 'n that boyfriend, 'n livin it up. Yessiree, she even git herself a tattoo sayin "life is good". Made up a whole pack of lies 'bout Granny the nanny, her pappy drownin Caylee in the swimmin pool, 'n jest one lie right on another. She finally git 'round ta dumpin that dead-rotten baby in a swamp 'bout 1 mile from her house. One Judge done told Casey "You 'n the Truth is 'bout as familiar as Queen Elizabeth 'n Hog-Shit".


Hell Pell

Would you trust this man with your children?


That thar Dagmar done come back as Casey Anthony. Same evil venomous female devil. Bastard mak'n baby killers. Them Danes shoulda burned that Dagmar 'n pounded a wooden cross to her heart. Till Y'all learn to recognize real evil, 'n do somethin bout it - some baby-killin devil will seek out one of yer babies fer the next killin. Wise up folks, evil lives.

Crime Reporter: Ricardovitz