What damned Devilry is this?

Friday, 07 December 2012 By Submit_News

Princess Kate pregnant… Murdoch Matriarch dies…



...I think not!


It has been clear for many years that the world is run by a sinister clique of Satanic worshipping families. They brazenly operate in the open; safe in the knowledge that the vast masses of the Hoi Polloi are too dumb to notice. But for those with an understanding of the way the world works; the evidence is clear to see…


Want some of this evidence?


Then consider recent events. Wife of the heir to the throne of England; holed up for days in a secretive private hospital. Meanwhile on the other side of the world the tight fisted matriarch of the Murdoch family dies surrounded by family in her stately abode…

Why now? What is the link that binds these events together?



For since the ascent of the Holy Roman Church in the years after Christ the followers of Beelzebub have been leading the globe. Ensconced in the highest families…the Bush’s… the Windsor’s…the Rothchild’s… the Putins… and the Murdoch’s… For over a millennia these demon worshipping heathens have had their hands on the levers of power in the worlds of finance, politics, business, and the media.

The tight grip of the Satan worshippers on our daily lives shows no signs of abating...

And the way they keep their grasp on power is to regenerate themselves through the process of live re-incarnation. Using the secret knowledge revealed to Pharaoh Amonthop of the Egyptians, the leaders of these clans can be reborn even after they die by using the Incubus and the Sucubus…


And this is the process happening right before our very eyes!


Inserting into the Succubi...


For what was happening in the King Edward VII hospital is a diabolical intercession for Satan. Kate Middleton, your typical airhead incubator the followers of Satan love, was filled with the dying spirit of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch in a most depraved ceremony that decorum forbids me from describing…


You can google it if you really want to know pervert.


So now Princess Kate is filled with the seed of Satan. Watch as an incredulous public will bubble over it; every headline, every tweet, giving succor and power to a new Heir of Lucifer.


Destined to sit on the Throne of England!


What to do? Well I have long given up on the average Joe Blow and his Wife. These fools titter inanely at the latest Youtube idiocy while complaining bitterly to anyone who listens about their miserable life.

Well of course life is miserable fools! We are being ruled by Followers of Satan! Do you think they have your interests at heart? Of course not!

And always lurking in the background; the twisted and debauched Catholic Priest!


These fiendish Lucifer lovers want your souls. And they will have them. For the time of reckoning is fast approaching; when the last battle for dominion over our blighted planet will begin and only the prepared and in the know have any hope of surviving the onslaught.


Dear XenoxNews reader I have given you the warning.

Now heed it!



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