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A politician's project list.

[*]Remove tax burden from foreign "investors"
thereby increasing tax load on locals.

[*]Move the tax burden towards consumption
(GST and special levies) so that the way is
clear to reduce worker income without
reducing the tax-take too much.

[*]Make workers responsible for all costs
and liabilities in the work-place.

[*]Reform the law so that insurance companies
are protected from serious claims.

[*]Put programs in place to "medicate away"
any unhealthy political dissent. Empower
psychiatrists to enforce "normality" and get
the "bludgers" back to work. Set up some
kind of "Healthy Minds" or "Strength through
Work" programs. Encourage dull conformity
and mindless obedience as national virtues.
Feed the morons lots of empty slogans.

[*]Reduce the welfare budget so that there is
more money for military games and military
procurement rackets with your buddies.
Regard welfare budgets as piggy banks ripe
for plunder.

[*]Demonize those receiving welfare money,
and make them "fair game" for media thugs.
Set up fabulously expensive biometric ID
cards as a way to control "welfare fraud".
(although the cost of the scheme is vastly
greater than any fraud money recovered).
Discover that the ID card is so good that
now everyone must have it! If pressed to
explain this, refuse on the grounds of
"a national security emergency" that cannot
be detailed because of "national security".

[*]Use public money for infrastructure
projects that help your private corporation
buddies to gut the assets of the nation.

[*]Give the last remnants of public property
to your merchant banker mates, but only if
they are valuable assets. Get the public to
shoulder an increasing share of private
corporate liabilities. Come up with some
platitudes to excuse your criminality in the
rare event that the public takes an interest
in how they are being swindled.

[*]Increase population pressure so you and
your mates can make a killing on real estate
"ponzi" schemes and re-zoning, and keep the
corporations sweet with more consumers and
more cheap labour working under steadily
worsening conditions.

[*]Don't overdo the "war on drugs" because
much drug money is laundered in the corrupt
property market pyramid racket. You would
not want to hurt your "investments".

[*]Create scarcity in many areas of life so
that a sense of desperation will make the
masses more susceptible to trickery.
Erode personal savings and encourage debt.
Never mention that dirty fact that many
people are impoverished by residential and
commercial rents. Eulogize sleazy landlords
as "productive and exemplary citizens".
After all, you are a landlord yourself.

[*]Blow public money on persuasive media
drivel to draw the public into a total
phantasmagoria and render them supine.

[*]Restrict "patriotism" to harmless and
infantile areas such as spectator sport. Get
the idiots "celebrating diversity" and
"embracing globalism" instead of wondering
where their options and their share of the
nation went. Fireworks budget is a must.

[*]Deepen national retardation, promote
airhead media personalities and their
idiotic vacuous chatter.

[*]Replace the concept of "citizen" with
"consumer" or "human resource".

[*]Work with the mass media to promote the
fraud of future plenty - free energy, green
energy, nuclear energy, hydrogen fuel etc.
Bullshit about a happy and peaceful future
where we all love each other, and nobody
goes without hope of a decent style of
living without slavery.

[*]Give assurances that drinking sewage is
actually good for one's health.

[*]When the shit hits the fan, point to your
wealthy mates as examples of how the masses
should have been if they were not so lazy.
If that fails to work, and the mob seems to
really want your blood, make your getaway.
Take your taxpayer funded jet for a final
trip to your tax-haven, criminal paradise,
that has no extradition treaty with any
other nation. Pick up your corporate bribe
money and your fringe benefits while you
enjoy your swinish gluttony in luxury.