Created: Thursday, 30 November 2006 Written by Chato
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Non-core John, the father of the Oz nation,
part-time prophet and visionary, shares his
latest apocalyptic epileptic revelation.

Emperor Hogturd has expressed his desire
to share a wonderful revelation, and
take all the Oz dullards for a ride on a
wonderful new adventure:-

"I saw it! It was so clear! God spoke to me
and revealed that there is no environmental
threat and we should all get with the corporate
program and procreate like mad. Nobody needs to
go without, as long as they work for nothing,
live in the street, drink each other's piss,
stay out of the way of their masters, give up
all personal liberty, live short, brutal lives,
live with absolutely no security, receive no
medical care and pray for a quick death!"

Upon uttering these wonderful tidings, the plucky
little genital wart-virus infected caligula, was
touched once again by God, a tremor ran through
his rotted bowels, and he filled his pants with
the rich bounty of The Lord.