Created: Thursday, 03 January 2013 Written by Cocktwanger
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I suppose ‘keen’ is the right word. Could also use ‘well practiced’. Even ‘strong wristed’ would do. Whatever the case, I’ve been doing it lots and now I want to take the next step.



Sex with women.


Or perhaps Men. Or maybe as a first move I should practice with animals…


And what I’m thinking is that I should report how it goes. Maybe the readership here can give me some tips on what to do. How to get it.


I’ve been investigating some avenues; particularly what the online world can offer. I’ve started Skouting and Webchatting.


I hope they are really women I’m talking to.


My life may seem miserable but I’m trying to perk it up. Pulling myself up by the bootstraps rather than cock for a change. If by spilling the beans here I can give some hope to the hopeless, some belief for the despairing, then perhaps I have done some good in this world. My reasoning is that God gave me a cock so by God I better use it.


For what he intended.