US / Korean crisis looming

Thursday, 06 June 2002 By Pervis
Fears are escalating of a potential major crisis between US military and target areas in Asia. Other countries may also be at serious threat as George Bush today made another passionate speech about his resolve to obliterate terrorist activities and threats against the US at every level. He indicated quite clearly that no opponents of the US will be spared.

"...and I pledge, that we, will let no one, disgrace our country, while I am president. We will combat those against us, at every level. The CIA and FBI, now working together, have unearthed many more groups of people, indeed whole nations, that are wishing for a US downfall. Now I don't care how big or small these groups are, nor do I care about their chosen playing fields. Nor do I care that it is only a soccer match. I declare now, in front of all you, that we will take sanctions against, and if forced to, wage long term military action against these opponents wherever they come from."

Citizens of Portugal and Poland are also reported to be living in fear.
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