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Wednesday, 17 September 2003 By Pervis
A pantheon of excuses from recent economic climate pundits has clearly influenced market stray from a goldmine of magical opportunity. Early opener wake fast mentality for so long has disinguened many conservative shareholders from real opportunity of late.

Clear signs that indicate impending and dramatic rising interest rates have scared most stake merchants from some gold chip opportunities.

Yet the majority of investment advisors have stuck to their hopeless 'known big players' or 'cross section, you win some you lose some' portfolio recommendations.

In our new massive monetary gain for no pain column Xenox News will show prospective investors who want to invest in the stock market where to put their bickies, energies and resources to crack it big. And we mean BIG. Read the Xenox money guide if you really want to crack it fat! (and don't we all)

Things to consider for any serious profit:

- World wide sales is where it is at!
- amazon.com was a good example of proliferation but mis-management
- World wide sales doesn't cost fucking nothing
- The next boom industry will be with purveyors who manage to balance hard core porn with quality tabloid.
- The customer is always wrong
- Never go to sea on a fucking bogey
- What happened to my ashtray; who the fuck took out my last empty stubbie! You cunt you just earned yourself the sack!
- Payment is group; if the organisation you intend to give money to doesn't understand the concept of group you are fucked.
- Send money to PO Box 666 Darwin NT and we will fix you up good and proper* Send non negotiable; remitters who include a bottle of sark will be given gold chip with personal signature of ex-member of the unknown party replete with head banger bandanna....GO IGGY, NEVER FUCKING DIE PLEASE YOU MO FO)
- Don't forget - invest in quality media which includes quality subjugated porn subscription
- The Xenox News girls will be baring all before you can say västkuskt

*No claims entered in to, we claim the same legal status as Colonial First State portfolio shares (which guarantees you jacck shit0)
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