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Created: Friday, 18 August 2006 Written by Chato
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How Howardland "free market" economics has
saved us all from the evils of self-abuse.

It should be clear to all Ostrichlian
dullards by now, that the unfettered
Howardland "free market" with its motto of
"Oz Citizens First" has led to the lowest
prices ever for all goods and services.

* Housing has never been more affordable and
* Petrol is so cheap that you wonder why the
government even bothers to pick-up the GST
on it.
* Public transport is now virtually free.
* Motorists have ample choices for free and
convenient parking.
* Energy costs have been tumbling for years.
* Banks do not charge us any fees for the
use of our money.
* Pure water is so plentiful that nobody
ever needs to fear having a turd float in
their punch-bowl.
* Education is now universally good and free
to all those Ostrichlians who desire it.
* Income tax has finally been done away with
as part of the GST tax trade-off.
* Bananas are now supplied free to all
shoppers as a symbol of Ostrichlian
generosity and abundance.

As if all of these things were not enough,
Oz work hours have been declining for years,
HR management is now a serious crime, and
Ostrichlians can enjoy long, blissful hours
at their hobbies, or just laze around in the
beautiful natural landscapes of the
world-famous Ostrichlian garden cities that
sparkle with the glitter of used syringes.
Many Ostrichlians just gaze for hours upon
the twinkling harbour waters that teem with
the gentle, and graceful, condom fish.