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Created: Tuesday, 29 August 2006 Written by Chato
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Whole country moves into emergency mode
as demographic crisis builds.

The Hogturd regime is responding to a critical
shortage of the elderly and seriously ill in
the war-ravaged Howardland.

Satan's only son who was sent by his father
to lead Ostrichlian dullards onto the paths
of panic, poverty and perversion, delivered his
shocking news to an adoring public:-

"Breed! Breed, you bastards. See what you have
forced me to do? Wages are too high, and prices
are too low in the Howardland, so I am shipping
in a few million sick and elderly darkies from
anywhere in the third-world. Let me assure you
that they all will have professional credentials
and will fit into septic sewer-cities such as
Sydney and Brisbane without causing a ripple on
the surface of a seething sewage pond!

What did you expect? Oz will soon be sending
large contingents of galoots abroad to fight in
any wars I can find, and the cream of Oz dullness
will be coming back home in buckets and boxes.
Holy market forces insist that we at least fill their
places with bodies that are at least breathing."