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Created: Friday, 15 September 2006 Written by Chato
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Oz public urged by dynamic, young firebrand
PM, to quit cringing and start sucking arse.

As the powerful, corporate Howardland IR policies
bring about the closure of the last factories and
the death of manufacturing industry in Oz,
the Satanic glove puppet posing as the Oz PM
delivers his powerful message of hopelessness
to his paralyzed victims.

If Ostrichlian dullards stopped cringing about
their country's surrender to international
big money and the Yoo-Ess-Ay, and started
enjoying sucking dirty, stinking butthole as
much as he does, they could recover a sense of
national pride - even if they cannot recover their
nation, or have a personal future of any meaning.

As John Hogturd PM launched his program of boosting
chinese cultural values by bringing in a huge load
of poor bastard chinese rural slaves to replace Oz
bludgers, he expressed puzzlement:-

"I know that I have destroyed this country, and I will
never apologize for that, and as I feel very smug and
very self-satisfied, I just cannot understand why that
is not enough for some of those bludgers out there.
Here I am, revitalizing Oz industry with those ones who
traditionally never expect to ever be paid for their
efforts, and are satisfied to just keep their kidneys,
and what thanks do I get?"