Drunk again, I wonder...

Created: Sunday, 09 November 2003 Written by Putriot
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How this limp dicked "war on terror" can be fired up!
To start with lets name names. We aren't fighting terrorists. We are fighting Arabs. And boy aren't they are bunch of stinkers!

Can't even run their own country without resorting to dictatorships, secret police, and blackmail.

I know this cause the fucking Jews told me! Don't need no excuses to liberate Iraq. How else are those dumbasses gunna know what freedom is? They have no fucking idea. I'll give 'em freedom.

Oh Lord. Please send more boats here.

If you want this war to succeed please keep in mind:
1. Fightin' lunatics who don't know anything about human rights
2. They don't even use their left hand!

Actually couldn't give a shit either way. Only want some real hanky panky to start. C'mon you limp dicked losers lets really stoke the fire!
Terror only respects terror. And I don't mean just knocking down houses. Lets put some bombs in the same places they put them in us. Mecca. Medina. Fucking Jakarta!

The only thing they understand is death. So lets give them the fucking dictionary. A fucking rocket up their ass to Paradise!