Created: Wednesday, 22 February 2006 Written by Chato
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Treasurer Costello is King of the
Parliamentary Spindoctors in a
slimy regime of global-franchise
national socialism. To say the Oz economy is the envy
of the World, when you know the
facts, is to lie barefaced.

Check the record: 44 months of
trade deficits. In the red for
nearly four years. The net national
debt is at least $500 billion, and
the gross debt is over $1 trillion.
Welcome to the banana republic.
The national debt was only a third
of the present debt when Howard
and Co. slithered into office in 1996.

Any balancing of the federal budget
to show a surplus was thanks to
massive taxes, including a very
corrosive GST, and the sale of
public assets. Many low and middle
paid workers are being taxed out of
existence. Oz has the largest
credit-card debt of all western
countries, and the nation is now
living off borrowed money.
Life is becoming marginal for a
growing percentage of the public
as they desperately try to borrow
their way into the land-price
pyramid racket.

Unemployment figures are deeply
fraudulent, and in no way reflect
real unemployment. Employment once
meant working 38 hours in a week,
now one hour in one week means you
are classed as employed.
Realistically, Oz unemployment is
as high as 20 percent.

Oz today is little more than a
gaping pit owned and gutted by
foreign companies. Where is the
Oz-owned industrial base? Where are
the Oz-owned companies? All we see
now are various schemes, rackets
and rorts pretending to be a viable
national economy.

Don't hold your breath waiting for
Labor to spend any of their energy
exposing this criminal scandal, as
they are deeply implicated.

This generation will have to answer
some bitter questions from their
grandchildren - if anyone survives
the Howard/Costello holocaust.