Created: Thursday, 18 August 2005 Written by Chato
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One day we shall know, but not
just yet... After recently hearing the Oz
treasurer explain how low
interest rates are going to keep
inflation low, despite this being
precisely opposite to what any
economics textbooks have ever had
to say on the subject, my mind
drifted to the wise statements
the Trillion Dollar Debt PM had
to utter on the fundamentals of
what motivates toil.
I soon realized that I could not
discern a clear philosophy of
work motivation coming from the
Canberra Rodent.
A little research revealed at
least three very different
theories had issued from his
sneaky little mind.

So, what is it you repellent
little cunt?
Do we toil for our personal
profit and vainglory in the
"FREE MARKET" as free men?
Do we toil at the pleasure of
corporations as merely robotic
Or do we toil for the benefit of
the "NATION" as our "DUTY"?

Because you gave each of these on
different occasions as being the
exclusive reason to toil!
You ugly, stinking, little turd!