Created: Friday, 14 April 2006 Written by Chato
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Learn the holy lesson of Easter.
+++++++++++++++++++++++ We all know what a very good thing
it is to nail the favourite sons of
gods to bits of timber. We do this
to ensure a good and rich harvest
of unearned windfall profits in the
coming economic season. That is
how "Good" Friday got its name.

Every nation needs to engage in
the holy ritual of crucifying at least
one of the sons of Lord Satan.

However, things are getting tight,
and the opportunities few.

Listen well, my dull Oz people, as I
tell you that the time is getting late,
and the shadows grow long. Make
haste, you sad, blighted children of
the damned, lest you be naked when
summer ends, and the awful cold
winds of Hell come to freeze your
wretched souls forever.

Here is what you must do:

You must not hesitate to bestow the
holy Easter sacrament upon He who is
crowned with the glorious crown of
lies. He who treads in the paths of
wrongnessness. He who speaks with
the tongue of the false prophet. The
chosen one - The Prince of parasites,
Lord of lies, Baron of bullshit,
Victor of vileness, Emperor of envy,
Son of Satan, the Deity of decay. He
who glows with a virulent Dark Light.

Honour him.

Crucify the filthy little cunt.
Crucify him now, and crucify him
good, lest you be too late and be
cursed by all the gods for all
the eternities.