The triumph of utter Aussie idiocy.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007 By DOCTOR_BENWAY
He is coming back. You should know that.

When I patched-up what was clearly a
political corpse (in an advanced state
of decay - let me tell you!) -
I thought to myself that the Libs would
not pay me for my work on the John,
but now I have changed my mind.

Now I have been around. I've travelled
in the world's dirtiest pestholes,
forced to have hillbillies as my technical
assistants as I performed brilliant surgery
on hopeless cases.
I thought I'd seen it all - the stupidest,
the most retarded, the totally gormless
helpless idiots. But I must say that when
I started contract medical science in Australia
it has been an education in just how
brutally brain-fucked a people can get.

You can tell 'em anything! Anything!
And they will force money into your
hand to tell 'em more bullshit.

Well, I reckon my patched-up and rotted-out
John is just what the typical Oz voter would
see as their dream hero - all that a man or
thing could possibly want to be or to try
to emulate. A saint. A god. A fount of wisdom
and wealth.
Good news to all men and all things.

I've seen it and I can hardly believe it,
but the retards are going to go for it
like the brain-fucked creeps they are.
God help them all!

(just hope I get paid!)

Nurse! Nurse! Here, help me with this nasty
lump in my crotch...

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