Where have all the Johns gone?

Created: Friday, 07 December 2007 Written by Chato
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They say that Johns go in threes.

John Howard, and now John Laws.
How can we go on? Who will be next?
Both Johns also went mad around the
time of their leaving public life.
Maybe a virus is involved.
Should we mount a "John Watch" to try
to preserve our remaining Johns?

Who will offer us a bald head to kiss?
Who will do a "power stumble" in public
for the cameras to gawk at?
Where do we listen to non-core promises
whispered romantically in our ears
while we are in a TV-induced trance?

It is all too sad - my keyboard is
damp with TEARS (you bastards!).

I fret that soon we may start to lose
our Alans or our Gerards...