Created: Sunday, 24 October 2004 Written by Eye on Oz
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It seems that with control of both houses of parliament now guaranteed, aussie PM Howard is planning a few surprises for his unwitting countrymen.
Xenox News has heard that one of these is the revival of a nationwide identity card. Thats right. That scabrous midget and his cabinet of cocksucking acolytes want to pin an identity strip on all aussies, or so we've been informed by the details of a cabinet paper. All in the name of ..."the war on terror".

Options detailed to cabinet include a card system, a welfare identity number (since Howard has promised welfare to just about every member of Australian society he can now claim that they need to be identified), and the development of a new surveillance system. As usual the spineless jellies that make up the ministry of PM Howard nodded in agreement as the PM announced these options.

Well our options are now being considered too PM Mr Magoo. And they dont consist of Gandhi inspired non-violent protests!

Hey! In the immortal words of Billy Joel:
"we didnt start the fire!"

And burn it will. Right up to the arse of the Prime Miniature of Australia and all of his lackey supporters!